ARVC Membership Categories

Membership in ARVC is available to any park or campground owner, operator, individual or organization that has an interest in the outdoor hospitality industry, as well as to businesses and organizations that provide products and services to RV parks and campgrounds. The different types of memberships available include:

  1. Partnering State and Direct RV Park/Campground Members - ARVC members who automatically become members of National ARVC by joining their state association and those who join directly when there is no state affiliation.
  2. Associate Member - Individual - Open to any individual who does not own or operate an RV park or campground, but has an interest in the outdoor hospitality industry.
  3. Supplier Council Member - An exclusive group of members who provide a product or service to the RV park and campground industry.
  4. International Affiliate Member - Limited to campgrounds that are located in North America, but outside the 50 states, commonwealths and territories of the United States.